March and April Update

It seemed a long time since we had our last engine test in December but al last we were ready again by late March. This would be our first test after renewing all the roller, rocker bushes and recommission of the fuel pumps. We had also modified the water feed pipe to the prop seal to improve cooling water flow, we were also tempted to test the transmission with the engine running but not spinning the prop, test date was April 11th and we were ready.

At first the engine refused to fire. We soon discovered that it was a lack of fuel causing the problem, basically we had an airlock between the fuel pipe and pump. This was sorted and the engine was soon up and running. Everything was going well and the engine was nice and warm. Now the big decision;  we decided to go for it, the dog clutch was engaged, the scavenge pump was switched on and I nervously pressed the start button. There was nothing to worry about. What a sight after all these years to finally see the dog clutch, prop shaft, gearbox and step up all spinning and working well. After a 5 minute run, we stopped the test just to check everything was fine. Everything checked out so a longer, harder test was to follow which was successful.

An excellent day, made even better by the modification to the prop seal cooling pipe being successful as well.

We now have a few small finishing jobs before we can look at doing our first water trial. All we need is more water back into Bewl Valley Reservoir.