The invite to display K3 at the Beaulieu International boat jumble came via my friends in the CMBA. Both Beaulieu and the CMBA put up the expenses to get K3 on show at the event and who I thank because without their support it would not have been possible to take her.

The Beaulieu event started on the Wednesday before with the first engine start up of the year. A problem with the thermostat meant a late evening session fitting our spare and we had an oil change planned as well. By about 8.30pm we were ready for a start but by this time had moved K3 back into the workshop for the light. A couple of quick start ups in the workshop to make sure oil pressure was good and we were already for Beaulieu. Not a cobweb was to be found in the workshop after the start up! One way to spring clean.

On the Friday loading was due at 6pm, but the lorry had not turned up. Most unusual. Then came the sad and shocking news that Dave Chappell of 360 Diggers Ltd had passed away. The family who were still very upset decided that the show must go on and with their blessing the truck and driver were available to get us to Beaulieu.

After loading on Saturday morning we were soon on our way and arrived at 2pm without any problems on route. Our contact at Beaulieu was Ruth Maddox who made us feel very welcome and was fantastic all weekend. Steve Rands, Beaulieu Health and Safety officer helped us complete our risk assessments and we were ready for the start test. With all parties happy with the level of safety, we were treated to some refreshments in the Lord Brabazon restaurant. K3 was tucked up for the night and we were then off to meet our friends from the CMBA at a local pub. A great evening followed with plenty of chat and banter with myself being presented with a nappy for the next time I pilot K3!.

Sunday dawned at 5.30 with thick frost on the ground and all the vehicles were white over. I must admit I was a bit concerned as K3 was watered up for her starts. At 8.30 I was on deck mopping water and ice of K3. Martin Anderson got all the team sorted with bacon sandwiches and we were ready for the day. Another pleasant surprise was Sir Malcolm Campbells old 350HP land speed car was wheeled out on display next to K3. What an eye full. We then meet Doug Hill who talked to us about the work they were doing on the car and then gave us a tour of the museum and workshops. A walking encyclopaedia. All to soon it was time for our first start up. After a few coughs she was up and running and making all the right noises. When we finished there was a very satisfying round of applause by all gathered. The day was made even better when I meet Bill Copper who is the son of Fred Copper who had designed K3 for Sir Malcolm. Towards the end of the afternoon I had the honour of meeting Lord Montague. The afternoon start up went without a hitch, but I must say I think this may be the biggest crowd I have ever seen around the boat.

K3 was soon loaded for the return journey and we arrived back late and tired but happy that we had a successful and pleasurable weekend.

I would like to thank the CMBA, Geoff Allchorn, and Steve Carpenter for their help, Beaulieu, Doug Hill and the boys, Ruth Maddox for making us so welcome at the museum. My team, Andy Taylor, Richard and Aston Millar, Martin Anderson, Mick Waller, and Paul the driver without there help it just would not happen.

Finally I would like to dedicate the weekend to Dave Chappell. He was a good friend and neighbour and has been vitally important with his help and support with the transport of K3 over the last two years. Our thoughts are with Jazz and the family.


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